Senior Band

Meet the members of St Johns Band Mossley...

Musical Director - Martin Gernon


Soprano Cornet -Colin Meyers

Principal Cornet - Mark Jones

Tutti Cornet - India Crompton

Tutti Cornet - Andy Ogden

Tutti Cornet - - Alfie Jones

Repiano Cornet - Alan Headdock

2nd Cornet - Cliff Meadowcroft

2nd Cornet - April Corbet

3rd Cornet - Patricia Hardman

3rd Cornet - Abigail Ogden



Flugelhorn - Michelle Oliver

Solo Horn - Linda Ogden

1st Horn - Emma Benson

2nd Horn - Amber Earls

Euphs & Baritones

Solo Euphonium - Jamie Gordon

Euphonium - Helen Gregory

1st Baritone - Catherine Jones

2nd Baritone - Cathrine Oliver


Solo Trombone - Peter Towle

2nd Trombone - Thomas Mills

Bass Trombone - Andy Duncan


Eb Bass - Patrick Jones

Eb Bass - Robert Sykes

Bb Bass - Trevor Jones

Bb Bass - Gordon Earls


Kit Percussion - Steve Warburton

Tuned Percussion:

Louise Donnelly
Leighton Donnelly
Cathrine Donnelly

We have a good mix of concerts and contests and an active and fun social life with plenty of events throught the year.

Please get in touch if you're interested in joining us